Gas Supply

Production, Resources, Connection, Productivity, Maps, Methodology, and more.

Oil & NGL Supply

Oil, NGL, and Associated gas production, Resources, Maps, Methodology, and more.


Power Generation, Industrial, Residential, and more.


Capacities, export and import, LNG arbitrage, supply & demand.


Oil and gas pipelines, gas processing infrastructure, and more.


Oil and gas price history and forecast.


Oil and gas full cycle cost per play and more.

Subscribers to the Solomon Strategic Energy Advisory Retainer Service can access extensive sets of data related to supply and demand, prices, cost, and infrastructure for all energy commodities: oil, natural gas, NGL, LNG, power, and renewables. The data includes, but is not limited to:

  • North American oil, natural gas, and NGL production history and production forecast per basin, play, state, province, or country.
  • Oil and gas well connections per basin, play, state, province, or country: history and forecast.
  • Oil and gas new well initial productivity per basin, play, state, province, or country: history and forecast.
  • Initial productivity and well maps per basin and play.
  • Estimated Ultimate Recovery per basin and per play.
  • LNG export capacities and utilization.
  • Natural gas demand per sector (residential, commercial, power generation, etc.), per region.
  • North American natural gas and oil resource assessment per region, per basin, per play, and per country.
  • North American resource cost per unit of production per basin and per play.
  • Oil, natural gas, and NGL price forecast.
  • US and Canadian oil and natural gas reserves, reserves replacement, and reserves life.

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